Studio Gearlist

Along with having a comfortable space for artist to create in, the studio gear you use plays a vital role in shaping the sounds you’re going for while keeping a consistent & positive workflow. 

With a relaxed home studio feel the DAW is the centerpiece to the action with outboard gear at an arms distance.  Whether you are recording or spreading out your mixes with the SPL Mixdream summing mixer, combining analog outboard gear with the computer for the best of both worlds has never been easier.

Using Universal Audio Apollo interfaces allows low latency monitoring and Unison processing while recording.  Both UAD interfaces have been I/O & Wordclock modded from Black Lion Audio for extremely clean and clear sound!

With over a variety of 16 individual mic preamps and 8 UAD Unison pres, plus 8 Focusrite Clarett pres, you’ll have a plenty of choices for even your largest recording sessions.  The always expanding microphone collection, the large tracking room and true monitoring on the Barefoot speakers are just a few more reasons that will make Candor Recording your new favorite studio.

Gear available


iMac Pro 5k  27”  3.0GHz 10- Core Intel Xeon 128GB RAM

Universal Audio Apollo x16* (16 Channels of Analog I/O)

Universal Audio Apollo x8p* (8 Channels of Analog I/O with 8 Analog Unison Mic Preamps)

Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3 (Octo)

Focusrite Clarret Octopre

32 inputs/24 Outputs *Both Interfaces have upgraded I/O and XB Wordclock modded by Black Lion Audio.

Avid Protools Ultimate 2023.12

Logic Pro X 10.8.1



UAD Plugins (80), Plug-In Alliance All Bundle, Soundtoys Bundle, Fab Filter Bundle, Slate Bundle,  Izotope Bundle, Klevgrand Bundle, Kontakt 7 Complete Ultimate, Melodyne, Vocalign, Soothe2, Arouser, Gulfoss EQ, Softube Weiss Bundle, Waves, Eventide Bundle and more,  Etc Etc Etc.

(Tons and tons more plugins. Anything you need that we don’t have we will get for you : )



Grace m905 Monitor Controller

SPL Mixdream Analog Summing Unit w/Master inserts and 16 Channel inserts

Barefoot Footprints01 3-Way Active Studio Monitors

Yamaha NS10’s Studio Monitors matched pair

Bryston 4B Amplifier

Yamaha S115IV Club Loudspeakers

Seismic Audio Baby Tremor (500 watts 1 x 15) Powered Subwoofer


Outboard Gear

Mic Preamps & EQ

Neve 1073DPX 2 Channel Mic Preamp and Equalizer

API 512c Mic Pre (4)

Chandler TG Channel Mic Preamp & EQ EMI Abbey Road Special Edition (2)

Vintech V73 Mic Preamp & EQ (2)

Manley 40 DB Tube Microphone Preamplifier

Demeter HXM-1 Tube Mic Preamp (2)

Neotek Series1 Channel Strip wMic Preamp & 3 Band EQ (2)

Trident 4T Channel Strip Mic Preamp/EQ/Compressor

Universal Audio Apollo x8p (8 Analog Unison Mic Preamps)

Focusrite Clarett Octopre (8 Channel Mic Preamp via ADAT)

TL Audio Dual Valve Preamp & Compressor (2 Channel)

ART Pro MPA 2 Channel Microphone Preamp

GML 8200 Stereo Parametric Equalizer

API 550a EQ (2)

Audioactive Supersonic Parametric EQ



Manley Stereo Variable-“MU” Limiter Compressor

API 525 Compressor (2)

Rupert Neve Designs 535 Diode Bridge Compressor (2)

Universal Audio 1176LN

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor

Audioscape Opto-Compressor (LA2A)

Audioscape G-Buss Compressor (SSL)

Urei LA-22 Stereo Compressor

Little Labs I-VOG Bass Resonance Tool

Symmetrix 554E Quad Gate/Expander



Radial 500 Series EXTC Reamp (2)

Radial 500 Series XAmp Reamp

Meris Hedra

Radial Tank Driver

Guyatone Tube Spring Reverb

Tech21 Sansamp Bass RBI Rackmount

Ampeg SVT Tube Direct Box

Radial Pro D2 Stereo Direct Box



Neumann FET47

Royer 121 Ribbon Mics (2)

Soundelux U99

Rupert Neve/SE Electronics R19 (2)

Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Modeling Microphone

Shure SM57 w/Tab-Funkenwerk Transformer Mod

Shure SM57 w/Granelli bent Mod

Shure SM57 (5)

Shure SM56

Shure SM58

Shure Beta 58

Shure SM7B

Sennheiser 421 (4)

Sennheiser e602 (2)

Sennheiser e409

AKG 451B (2)

AKG 414

AKG D112

SE Electronics SE-1 (2)

SE Electronics SE-2

SE Electronics SE-3

SE Electronics SE-2000

MXL 603s (2) Small Diaphragm Condenser

MXL 991 Small Diaphragm Condenser

MXL 2001 Large Diaphragm Condenser

Blue Snowball Mic

Astatic JT-30

Zvex TB-2 Teaball Microphone (For use with FX pedals & amplifiers)



Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII Guitar Amp Head

Marshall JCM900 100w High Gain Dual Reverb Guitar Amp Head

Laney VH100R Guitar Amp Head

Orange TT15H Tiny Terror Guitar Amp Head

Orange PPC 412 4×12 Cab

Marshall 1960B 4×12 Cab

Marshall Haze MHZ40C Tube Combo Amp

Peavy Classic 50 Tube Combo Amp

Universal Audio Ox-Amp Top Box (Reactive load box & cabinet simulator)

*Over 50 boutique, vintage & modern guitar pedals. (Chase Bliss, Spaceman Effects, Gamechanger Audio, Demedash Effects, Lauren Audio, Hologram, etc etc etc.)




Moog Voyager Electric Blue Edition

Rolad JP8000

Rolad SH101

Novation AFX Station

Nord Lead 2

Oberheim OB-8

Oberheim Matrix-6

Oberheim Prommer

Korg Karma

Korg Monotron

Korg Kaossilator

Kurzweil V.A.S.T. K2000

Teenage Engineering OP-1

Yamaha CSX-1

Big Briar Theremin


Drum Machiness

Dave Smith/Roger Linn Tempest Analog Drum Machine

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1

Elektron Model: Cycles

E-MU Systems Drumulator

Roger Linn-Linn Drum (Original)

Sequential Circuits Model 400 Drumtraks

Oberheim DX Stretch

Roland Handsonic HPD-15


Cue System & Headphones

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP Precision Headphone Amp (3)

Beyer Dynamic 770

Yamaha HPH MT8

Vic Firth Drummer Isolation Headphones

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